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Lara Croft


Life is very short and we have no time for big "taking all the precious time" games!

What is why we made up tiny games website FIGRY.INUMO.RU for our self and our friends.

When I say "friends" I count you in. And now we work all day long but...

When work over we quickly type FIGRY.INUMO.RU in browser. Game started!

Now let me explain why our site got name.

"Igry" means "Games" in Russian, "F" Fixed For...

Free Games, Flash Games, Favorite Games, Funny Games, Fantastic Games
etc... So on, on and on... It depends on your Fantasy...

Even Fantamas Games or Foolish Games if you want...

That's enough for bla-bla-bla... Start your Game!

If you plan to come back later... Please bookmark this page -

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